Confession Rap

September 29, 2006

This week’s exercise involves writing a confession to a crime in the form of poetry. I took it one step further by writing my own confession in rap form a la Beastie Boys. Here goes:


Sirens! Cops! They’re on to me now
I figured the informant must have tipped them somehow
Do I run, do I hide? Where do I go to?
My daddy motherfucker is running after me, too

DJ is spinning, but I got no choice
I gotta give in now, be one of the boys
Well, Sheriff, I’m here, handcuff my hands
To you I’m very guilty but you’ll never understand

You ask, “Did I do it?” Why do you give a shit?
The guillotine is ready, my throat’s gone slit
Well, yeah, I’m the one, I confess to the crime
Call me guilty now, call me killer anytime

You ask, “How I did it?” Really fucking easy
I shot that motherfucker coz he was getting lazy
When you deal with drugs, son, you gotta deliver
Fail me once, fail me twice, you end up in the river

So I took my little Cruiser down by the hood
I wanted to make sure he would be gone for good
Spotted him alone walking by the alley
Spent all my automatic rounds on his body

I spit all over him, spit on his grave
Took the one fucking thing his mother ever gave
Him—his life. It’s no use to me now
The show is game over, he took his last bow

You ask, “Why I did it?” Why can’t you understand?
You’re just a white cop in a God-forsaken land
I’m a black dude and I never get a break
My life on the streets is no piece of cake

I’ve dealt those drugs ever since I walked
I did this and that, and I did talk the talk
I’ve watched friends gunned down for no fucking reason
I watch my back for all traces of treason.

Killing that kid—for me its survival
Not doing nothing at all is suicidal
Killed or be killed, that’s life for me!
An eye for an eye, a bullet for my enemy!

Now you got truth, you got my confession
There’s nothing you can offer me for salvation
Death is here and I won’t put up a fight
The noose hangs high, the noose is getting tight

There’s no point stopping it, the end is near
The bell tolls and my executioners are here
But hear this, motherfucker, remember it well
It’s nice to know you, I’ll see you in hell!


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