He Says, She Says

May 11, 2007

This week’s exercise is to write one short scene, with two characters, entirely in dialogue. Tell something about the characters: their relationship to each other, the setting, the action of the story, with no directions other than those given in the words of the characters to each other. I did a chat log version just for fun. Here it is:

(847 words)

| | Bianca | | says: Hi. U there?
_Henry_ says: Hey, B. Long time no see :). Haven’t heard from you for some time now.
| | Bianca | | says: Do you still sell load?
_Henry_ says: Yup. How much?
| | Bianca | | says: 150 – 09197159423.
_Henry_ says: Wait a sec.
| | Bianca | | says: Make it ALL TEXT.
_Henry_ says: Ok.
| | Bianca | | says: Thnks. 🙂
_Henry_ says: You got it already?
| | Bianca | | says: Yeah. Can I pay you tomorrow?
_Henry_ says: Sure, no problem. How’s work?
| | Bianca | | says: Work is, you know, work. A lot of our call center agents have been migrating to C_____ so I guess there are a lot of slots to fill. That’s why I’m working an extra day for this week to pick up the slack. I’m really looking forward to my day off tomorrow.
_Henry_ says: It figures. I don’t usually see you online on Fridays.
| | Bianca | | says: You’re working late yourself. It’s almost ten and ur still here. What gives?
_Henry_ says: The usual. Server problems, connectivity problems—nothing new. I’d rather finish it tonight because I got band practice tomorrow afternoon.
| | Bianca | | says: You’re doing a gig?
_Henry_ says: Yup. Outpost, ten o’clock. It’s the opening night of Lisa’s photo exhibit. She invied us to play.
_Henry_ says: invited.
| | Bianca | | says: Cool.
_Henry_ says: You can pass by tomorrow night if ur free.
| | Bianca | | says: I don’t know.
_Henry_ says: It’ll be fun. Neil is going and Zee, too. You can bring Kyle along.
| | Bianca | | says: We broke up.
_Henry_ says. Whoa.
| | Bianca | | says: :(.
_Henry_ says: Since when?
| | Bianca | | says: I don’t know. About three weeks ago.
_Henry_ says: No shit.
| | Bianca | | says: …
_Henry_ says: What happened?
| | Bianca | | says: Please, I don’t wanna talk about it.
_Henry_ says: Sorry.
| | Bianca | | says: Brb.

| | Bianca | | may not reply because he or she appears to be offline.

_Henry_ says: Sure.

The following was not sent to the recipient:

_Henry_ says: Sure.

| | Bianca | | is now online.

| | Bianca | | says: Still there?
_Henry_ says: Hello.
| | Bianca | | says: Sorry, I had to restart my PC.
_Henry_ says: No prob.
| | Bianca | | says: Anyway, how are you? How is Abby?
_Henry_ says: She’s okay. She’s leaving for Canada on the 24th.
| | Bianca | | says: Wow.
_Henry_ says: Yup, her application pulled through earlier this month. She’s spending this weekend in Danao with Mama before she leaves. Mama’s going to miss her.
| | Bianca | | says: I hope Abby sends his big brother those hard to find CDs.
_Henry_ says: Hehe. Yup, I gave her a list already.
| | Bianca | | says: I’ll be going home to Cagayan myself soon.
_Henry_ says: Really? When?
| | Bianca | | says: As soon as my exit interview is scheduled.
_Henry_ says: You’re resigning?
| | Bianca | | says: Effective June 15. Supposedly.
_Henry_ says: Why?
| | Bianca | | says: I need a change.
| | Bianca | | says: I just need to stay away for a while. I don’t know.
_Henry_ says: You going home for good?
| | Bianca | | says: I don’t know. It depends. I just know I need to go and sort myself out.
_Henry_ says: I understand.
| | Bianca | | says: Thanks.
| | Bianca | | says: Hey, I’m not sure if I can go see your gig tomorrow night. How do I pay you?
_Henry_ says: Come on, ur only two blocks away from Gaw’s. You can drop it there anytime.
| | Bianca | | says: Okay.
_Henry_ says: Besides, I’m always hanging around at Gaw’s most weekends. You can just stop by if ever you need some company. Pizza’s on me. 🙂
| | Bianca | | says: Sure.
_Henry_ says: Like old times.
| | Bianca | | says: :).
_Henry_ says: It’s getting late. I have to go—still have to meet with Prix for the demos.
| | Bianca | | says: Thanks for keeping me company tonyt.
_Henry_ says: No prob. B, you take care, okay?
| | Bianca | | says: I will.
_Henry_ says: Gotta go. Bye.
| | Bianca | | says: Bye. Give my regards to Prix.
_Henry_ says: Sure :). Be seeing you.

_Henry_ may not reply because he or she appears to be offline.

| | Bianca | | says: I missed you.

The following was not sent to the recipient:

| | Bianca | | says: I missed you.


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