Five Liners

July 20, 2007

This week’s exercise is Cinquain poetry. A Cinquain is a poem expressed in 5 line stanzas, varying in rhyme and line, but usually with a rhyming scheme of ABABB. A good example of a Cinquain is Robert Browning’s poem “Porphyria’s lover”:

Murmuring how she loved me—she
Too weak, for all her heart endeavour
To set its struggling passion free
From pride, and vainer ties dissever,
And give herself to me for ever.

I made three:

After the Try-out

“I underestimated the level of play”,
Chris Tucker said to Jackie Chan,
“kinda stupid of me, but hey,
just doing the best I can.
But I‘ll never play rugby again.”

An Alien Species Makes Contact

Traveling several light years through space,
Optimus Prime lands in Southern Africa.
Looking around, the robot is amazed–
Nothing here to be its replica!
Instead, he copied an orange planggana!

A Movie Star Visits Tagbilaran in May

Lindsay Lohan could not believe it–
The lechon and humba tasted heavenly!
“Where’s the leche flan?! Give it
To me!” But she stopped suddenly.
“Incoming diarrhea attack—oh, help me!”

We were actually given three pictures of which we based our cinquains:
a) After the Try-out (a picture of Afro-American guy with scratches all over his body)
b) An Alien Species Makes Contact (a picture of a crying African kid beside an empty orange pan)
c) A Movie Star Visits Tagbilaran in May (a picture of an unidentified girl clutching her stomach)


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  1. iampaperbag Says:

    so i have.. gasp!..

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